Joses Transports is a non emergency medical Transport that is dedicated to the quality of care for every patient using a “First Touch” approach and provides reliable, efficient, timely, safe, affordable, and compassionate, high-quality care for each patient and their families.


Joses Transports and non emergency medical Transport aims to become an industry leader within the non-emergency transport service. All employees continually strive to be proficient in all aspects of their profession, insuring the best care possible for all patients.

About Us

As a non-emergency medical transportation specialists in Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, (Delmava Area}. We provide transportation for groups and individuals with special needs. The clients we work with are generally the elderly and persons with disability who are not in an emergency situation but need more care and assistance than what a regular accessible taxi service can provide.

Joses Transport assists ambulatory individuals, too – the people who can walk, but more slowly, using a cane or a walker, and maybe require some additional assistance like disabled veterans or senior citizens. We also provide special services such as sealed medication pickup and delivery to your home or business. Our professionals are trained to care for clients in wheelchair.

The first touch approach, courtesy, and reliability, are the main reasons our clients choose to travel with Joses Transports repeatedly.

We recognize some patients require recurring professional care, such as, going to physical therapy or regular checkups. Sometimes those appointments are during business hours and relatives can’t manage their work and the driving to and from the physical therapy close to Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Or, perhaps, they simply don’t have the vehicle capable of wheelchair transportation. This is where Joses Transport excels and provides a reliable and high-quality medicar services



Whether you are headed to your doctor’s appointment, rehab session, or if you are headed to a family event or some other appointment, Joses Transport LLC can provide you with safe, reliable and prompt non-emergency medical transportation services.