Ambulatory Transportation

Our ambulatory services are designed for individuals who can walk or transfer safety to a passenger vehicle. Individuals who use assistive devices when walking could also benefit from ambulatory transportation services to go places. We can assist clients in and out the vehicle. We can standby or stay on-call while clients attend their appointment or activities.

We utilize passenger vehicles with slight modifications to provide ambulatory transportation services. Our clients can hire us on a trip-basis or by blocks of hours. We can estimate your cost using starting and end locations.

Wheelchair Transportation

Our wheelchair Persons who are wheelchair bound are able to use our transportation services that are confortable and secure. They are designed especially for individuals who are wheelchair bound and are unable to transfer safely to a regular passenger vehicle. Clients will remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the trip. All wheelchairs will be secured using especially designated straps and we will further secure patients with seatbelts.
We also have specially modified vehicles equipped with Mechanical lift to provide easy boarding of wheelchair and unload patient safely.

Our Specialty Service:

Every client scene is unique, and every service has its own operating environment that includes geography, terrain, demographics, and protocol. Having the right equipment for each situation is crucial to maintaining safety for clients and transport technicians. That is why we have equipped ourselves to handle a majority of special needs.

Special Services

We can transport patient to locations within Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC (Delmava). For safety and well-being, we transport patients on a gurney for long-distance destinations. We can estimate your trip cost and offer you alternatives. We can also give you a flat-rate for long-distance transportation.

Medication Pickup and Delivery

We will pick up and drop off your sealed prescription drugs so that you never have to leave the comfort of your home or business.


Whether you are headed to your doctor’s appointment, rehab session, or if you are headed to a family event or some other appointment, Joses Transport LLC can provide you with safe, reliable and prompt non-emergency medical transportation services.